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A Wholesome Endeavour

Keegan's a very special guy, with a special way of seeing the world thanks to living with down syndrome. He started drawing one day and mom, as mom's do, couldn't get enough of his drawings. But Mom thought other people might like them too, so she called Zach (Keegan's big brother), and the rest is history. 

Little brother draws, Big brother digitalizes, and Mom (Lynn) prints. 

The cards have been package-free since day 1, and strive towards increasingly sustainable methods and materials. The current Valentine's Day offering is printed on upcycled paper reclaimed from local businesses and excess materials, and as such are of mixed content. 

Hand cut, hand folded, hand made, hand delivered.
We’re just plain handy.

Keegan, Zach & Lynn

Get one,
Give one

These cards are made with love by Keegan Varley, a young adult living with Down Syndrome in Richmond, BC.

With every card you purchase we donate a portion of the proceeds to Special Olympics, BC, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those with disabilities.







I'm Keegan
I am very playful.
I love when family and friends give me cards and I keep them in a special drawer in my room.They make me happy.

I hope my cards make you happy too.